RealMart Realty is a NJ based discount flat fee MLS real estate marketing company offering flat fee MLS services in every NJ county.

Gary Ragusa and Matt Gomolka are the cofounders of RealMart Realty and pioneers of flat fee MLS service. Gary,Matt and RealMart Realty are known as the “By-Owner MLS Broker” as hundreds of savvy home sellers have listed and sold their real estate with their help.

RealMart Realty has listed and sold hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate using this proven flat fee MLS formula

RealMart Realty helps people everyday, people just like you, to understand and realize the new ways and options that exist for the savvy NJ home seller.

RealMart Realty is considered one of the premier experts in the field of Flat fee real estate brokerage, residential advertising and for sale by owner marketing.

Why is RealMart NJ’s Choice Flat Fee MLS Home Listing Services?

Here are the 4 reasons we are the leader

1.) RealMart Realty is a member of every MLS board in NJ! What does this mean to you? We have the MLS software to input your listing into the MLS and make corrections, changes or modifications in the MLS database immediately. As members of each local MLS, we have the capability to produce instant price changes, contact information changes, or anything else that you may want changed during your selling

2.) RealMart Realty will never charge an additional service fee for making changes to your MLS listing. During your listing campaign you may want to adjust the asking price, add an additional contact phone number while you’re out of town or include a new selling feature in the listings remarks. RealMart will make immediate changes to your MLS listing at your request and at no additional cost to you. You may be surprised at how other flat fee services will respond to your change requests and what they may charge each time!

3.) RealMart has no hidden agenda! We are a “For Sale By Owner” marketing company, not a traditional real estate brokerage. We do not list property for a commission. Always be cautious of listing with any real estate company that also lists property on a commission basis in a traditional fashion.

Some real estate companies may be using flat fee services as an inducement to sell you on more expensive programs. Flat fee service works very well as long as the real estate company markets your real estate properly on the MLS system and has no hidden agenda. If the broker specializes in traditional real estate or anything other than flat fee mls services, be aware of a possible conflict of interest.

4.) RealMart Realty is a NJ licensed real estate brokerage, member of the National Association of Realtors and every MLS Associations in NJ. We are the pioneers of flat fee MLS services in NJ and the only flat fee broker to offer service in every NJ counties for the same low fee with no hidden or additional listing charges. You will never be subject to any hidden charges, junk fees or back-end listing commissions with RealMart Realty. Just one price to list, promote and successfully market your home without any surprises is what makes us NJ’s choice for flat fee MLS home listing service.

Mission Statement

We’re committed to becoming the leading national provider of discount residential real estate products and services via the Internet and through a network of physical brick and mortar locations. We empower America with revolutionary home selling technology and exposure once reserved exclusively for real estate agents.

What We Do

We’re a hi-tech Internet Company setting new standards in the real estate industry. Sellers get insider tips and secrets, can register on our site, activate a property listing, upload photos and create a talking home hotline from any computer with Internet access. Buyers get money saving tips, free information and reports, free VIP Listing Alerts, neighborhood and school information, free credit reports and home loan approvals and can search virtually every home for sale in America from our website.

National Availability

We service every city throughout the entire US! We have professional photographers available in over 1,000 markets and “brick and mortar” affiliate operations in over 100 major metropolitan areas. With expansion plans of an additional 300 new markets this year, ALS is slated to “blanket” North America with over 400 locations by the end of 2003.



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