Mortgage Calculators

Calculate Home Mortgage Cost
You enter the interest rate of your loan, the points and costs and the loan amount. It figures the rest. Note that the other costs is not very neatly defined and not all lenders use the same items (appraisal, per diem interest, etc.) You will have to find out what your lender includes

Calculate Loan Prepayment
This calculator takes a principal amount, interest rate, normal length of the loan and either how much total a month to pay or how long you want to pay. It also calculates for credit cards and other non amortized lines of credit that use simple compounding of interest.

Calculate Loan Deferment
See how much deferring your loan will cost you.

Calculate How Long Will It Take You For Loan Repayment.
Here is a new twist on the mortgage calcuator. Here you tell how much you want to spend each month, an interest rate and a loan amount, and the computer tells you how long it will take you to pay it off!

Calculate Mortgage Amortization
Input the length of the mortgage, interest payment, and total amount of the loan. This calculator will tell you how much balance remains from payment one all the way to the final payment.

Calculate Monthly Housing Payment
View how much your monthly housing payment will be.

Calculate Mortgage Qualification
This calculator will try to calculate what kind of income lenders will expect you to be making to qualify for the specific values. Property tax and home insurance numbers vary greatly by region and construction type.

Calculate How Much Does The Loan Cost ?
Figure out how much a loan is going to cost you over time.

Calculate Balloon Mortgage
These days 5/25 and 7/23 convertible balloon mortgages are getting more popular since they provide lower rates than conventional 30 year mortgages while still giving a fixed payment schedule for 5 or more years. The risk, of course, is what happens after the initial fixed period is over and you have the possibility of converting your loan. Here is a calculator, so try to answer those questions…

Calculate Bi-Weekly Mortgage
Calculate payments for a bi-weekly mortgage.

Calculate Home Down Payment
View how much of a down payment you may need to purchase your home.

Calculate Investment Rental
A guide to possible financial outcomes of the purchase and renting of an investment property. After entering your values, click once in any result box to calculate or update the results.

Calculate Credit Score
Please note that this calculator is only provided as a rough guideline for loan qualification. Many factors are used by lenders in making their loan decisions.

Calclulate Simple Savings
This doesn’t deal with inflation, taxes or any of that complicated stuff. This is just a simple calculator that lets you start with an amount of money and make regular monthly deposits, and see how much it grows.

Calculate Millionaire
Enter your starting balance, your ending balance, monthly contribution and interest rate. You’ll find out how long it will take until you reach that goal (default = $1,000,000). Of course that million won’t be worth very much way, way in the future. Put in an inflation factor and it will reveal you what it’s worth then.

Calculate How Much Does It Cost To Lease ?
This calculator takes a MSRP, bargained discount (%), down payment, lease length and lending rate to calculate estimated lease payments.

Calculate Compound Interest
This calculator simply takes the final amount you want to earn given an initial investment for a duration of time, and finds the required annual yield you would need to achieve that goal.

Calculate Estate Tax
Me pay estate tax? No way, you say? Don’t be so sure! I’m not talking about now, I’m talking about 20 or 30 years from now when your IRA or 401(k) grows really big and you have that $250,000 life insurance policy to protect the family

Calculate Tax Deferred
Find out how much to put away tax deferred to get a certain amount of money in the future, and how much you could expect to draw out of that money.

Calculate How Wealthy Are You?
I have been reading the very enlightening book The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko, and they had a very interesting little calculation to see how you stand in terms of real wealth. To see how you stand enter the variables below:

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