Most digital cameras today give photo in high resolution for printing.  However, online photos should not be larger than 1024×768.  Most MLS does not allow larger size photos and will only cause emailing problems. It’s best to reduce the size to a maximum of 1024×768 before sending to us.  It is best NOT take any portrait (vertical) photos, as they do not display well on some sites. Read our Photo Guide to avoid the most common photo mistakes (lighting, selection, orientation, cropping, sizing).


Three easy ways to determine the size of your photo. 1) Simply move the little mouse arrow over the photo icon, and it should tell you the size. 2) Right click on the photo icon and choose “Properties”, then select the “Summary” tab. 3) Double click on a photo to open it, then right click on the photo, and left click on properties. It should tell you how many pixels wide and high the photo is.


The simple way to resize photos is to download for free a Windows program. Click here to download program Click “Run”, and follow the instructions.

After it is installed simply resize a photo by opening the photo in the program, select “Image” then “resize/resample”, and choose “1024×768” on the right side. If you do not want to change the original photos size, save to a new folder, and name the photos in the order you want posted (see listing instructions).