When your order is placed on Realmart.com, you will be able to enter your home information and fill out your listing forms, upload your photos. Once your complete the order, your listing will be uploaded into the MLS within 1-2 business days.

If you wish to cancel within 30 days after your order is placed, but before your listing is entered, there is a $25 cancellation fee. This fee covers what we are charged by the credit card company. We are charged when a client places an order, and we are charged again when we have to enter a refund. Any expenses paid by Realmart including signs shipped, lockboxes, professional photography costs etc, those fees paid can not be refunded. They will be deducted from the listing fee to be refunded.

If you wish to cancel more than 30 days after your order is placed, but before the listing is entered, a refund cannot be issued. However, your order will remain valid and you may enter your listing at ANY TIME in the future.

After your listing is entered, we unfortunately CANNOT issue a refund. The service you paid for is considered provided once your listing is active in the MLS. However, if you decide not to sell your home and wish to cancel your listing, that’s not a problem and you will not be charged any additional fee.

If you have ordered a digital lockboxes, there is a refund of $80 it is returned, in good working condition. Yard Signs are free; the $29 charge is for packaging and shipping which is not refundable.

We do our best to provide outstanding customer service to make our clients happy. If there is ever any problem, or if you feel we did not live up to your expectations, please contact our office. We are always there to help you.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Realmart Realty is getting noticed by the Real Estate community as one of the industry leaders who has helped to sell over $125 million worth of homes in 2010. Many other real estate offices have taken note of our success and are now starting to solicit our flat fee listings for your business. As the home owner and seller, please be aware that any agent soliciting you, while still listed with another realtor, is considered an illegal activity and is strictly prohibited by the Real Estate Commission.  If you have been approached by an agent who has tried to solicit you, please get their contact information and notify us as soon as possible.

NOW with our 100% money back guarantee*, it is worth your time to talk to us first.  If you are thinking of withdrawing your listing to go with a full service broker such as Remax, Keller Willaims, Century 21 etc, talk to us first to see if we can work out a referral agreement with such a full service broker. You will be able to get your original listing fee refunded when your home is sold through that referred broker.

How does this work?  If you are not completely satisfied with the flat fee model, after being listed with us, and find that it is too much for you to handle on your own, we can help you find a qualified full service broker such as Remax, Keller Willaims, Century 21 etc. You will qualify for a 100% refund of your listing fee if Realmart Realty refers you to a real estate broker who is acceptable to both parties. Realmart agrees to refund the original listing fee at close-of-escrow as long as the new broker agrees to a standard REALTOR® Referral Agreement. The referral agreement will not cost you any extra money in commission so there is nothing for you to lose.

*Terms and conditions apply: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 888-362-6543 or email at Info@realmart.com