Texas “Minimum Service” Rule effective Sept. 1, 2005
The actual text of the new rule.

60 Minutes – May 13, 2007: Chipping Away At Realtors’ Six Percent
Lesley Stahl Reports How Realtors’ Commission Fees Are Under Assault (video)

DOJ launches real estate competition Web site
New U.S. Department of Justice web site features commission charts, maps, agency reports and more, that make it clear that commission agents are overpaid. The Federal Government is obviously in favor of what Creekview Realty is doing!

The Realtor Racket
Wall Street Journal article about how the Real Estate industry has been keeping real estate commissions up, limiting consumer choices, and influencing legislation to help its cause and force consumers to pay more for real estate services.

Realtors can’t turn back the clock
Brief article about how the real estate industry is changing, and how the trade associations are promoting legislation to prevent innovation and competition at the expense of consumers.

Justice Dept. comes down full force on the real estate industry
DOJ sues the National Association of Realtors again for anti-competitive practices that hurt consumers. The DOJ is in constant litigation with the NAR and state Realtor associations. Wonder why?

Fraud and corruption by Realtor Trade Associations (PDF Document)
“Realty agents sell six homes per year and work about five productive hours per week; their pay is over $50,000 per year – the lowest productivity of any job in America.” Report submitted to the FTC and Dept of Justice by one of the nation’s top antitrust lawyers, David Barry.

Tax relief granted for forgiven debt, private mortgage insurance
IRS won’t count as income debt forgiven by lenders when troubled borrowers negotiate short sales or workouts on their primary residence that involve forgiveness of part of their debt.

The Subprime Mortgage Mess – How we got there (PowerPoint slide show)
This is a comical representation of how the mortgage mess was created and has unfolded. It is a simplistic but accurate portrayal. WARNING!! This slide show is Rated “R” for foul language! Please refrain from viewing if this may offend you! (We decided not to edit the content because under the circumstances, it’s appropriate. Besides, an edited version wouldn’t be as realistic or funny.)

Flat-fee brokers may put pressure on traditional commissions
Researcher finds that “full-service” 6% listings don’t sell faster or for more money than flat-fee listings; and that Realtors are more interested in their commissions than in getting their sellers the best prices.

Real estate fees inflated by $30 billion
AEI-Brookings Joint Center for Regulatory Studies suggests that consumers would benefit most from fee-for-service real estate companies that base compensation on flat fees, hourly fees and other specific payments for services rather than relying on a commission rate that is based on a percentage of the sale price of a home.

Unbundling the Real Estate Transaction: Providing fee-based services as a real estate consultant
by Julie Garton-Good, DREI, GRI
An excellent article intended for real estate agents, explaining why the commission system of charging for services is out-dated, and how the industry is changing and giving buyers and sellers more options.

Lots of Consumers Look to Web for Home Buying, Rentals
The extent to which buyers are using the web to search for homes, according to Nielsen//NetRatings.

Cut-rate realty: Commissions pressured beyond discounting
How Savvy buyers & sellers tap new business models for more savings on real estate commisssions.

How commissions are divided between brokers and agents
Explains exactly how commissions are split between the listing agent, buyer’s agent, and their participating brokers.

Buyers want to see photos
Online homebuyers are more inclined to view and buy homes quicker with multiple photos online

All About Credit Reports
Everything you ever wanted to know about credit reporting.

All About FICO Credit Scoring
Everything you ever wanted to know about credit scoring and what you can do to increase your score.