Real Estate Legal Representation is Provided by Kaplan Law office Paid
at Closing by Owner/Seller for 1% Full Agency Plans

We represent home owners in real estate closings. New Jersey and New
York real estate law encourage the use of a skilled attorney for
representation during the sale or purchase process.

Contract Review and Title Exams

Whether you are buying your first house or your third home, real
estate is probably the largest investment of your life. Buying or
leasing a new property is an exciting, yet also stressful, experience.
From costs and title concerns to legal responsibilities and
limitations, there are numerous factors that you must consider before
signing any real estate contract. Before you enter into any real
estate contract, we recommend that you first speak to a knowledgeable
lawyer. Contact Us to schedule a consultation to learn about your

We help people protect their investments. We are able to identify
issues and contract errors. Our goal is to provide homebuyers with
quality legal services that include:

  • Negotiating  and reviewing contracts; including attorney review; we
    can spot problems in contracts and protect our clients interest
  • Title exams – Our affiliates are renowned in the title industry; you
    can be confident in their services
  • Preparing the final closing settlement statement and handling closing
    and disbursements

Our attorneys are well versed with the trends in New Jersey and New
York residential real estate and the legal issues of home buying.

If you are interested in protecting your investment through the use of
a lawyer, contact our firm.

Available to Assist You at Any Contract Agreement Stage

Our real estate lawyers have the experience you need to ensure your
interests are represented and protected at all stages of the real
estate contract process. From drafting and review to negotiations and
closing, we are here to help you no matter where you are in the
contract creation or finalization process. We are also available to
litigate on your behalf should the other party breach the terms of the

We Handle All Real Estate Contracts in New York and New Jersey

Real estate contracts arise in numerous situations. From residential
real estate contracts to commercial real estate contracts, we can help
you identify any concerns regarding:

  • Listing agreements
  • Purchase agreements (buy/sell agreements)
  • Closing contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Contracts for deed
  • Short sales

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