Real Estate Yard Signs

Our Signs Have a Toll Free Number to Direct All Callers to Seller

MLS rules prohibit a seller’s phone number on MLS members’ real estate company signs. When a buyer calls us, the automated 888 number will directly refer them to the seller.

SMS Texting For Instanct Listing Details On Buyers Cell Phone

Flyer boxes and Info Tubes are out dated in today’s market place.  We provide a SMS texting option to our sellers on our sign.  Propective buyers just need to send a Text Message, they will receive an instant message with listing price and details, complete with photos on a web enabled cell phone.  No other discount or full price realtors provide such as service as standard option.

Example of Realmart Sign with 888 Numbers and Texting Service



Why using a “For-Sale-By-Owner” type sign is a mistake?


1) “For-Sale-By-Owner” signs attract these kinds of wrong people to the sellers:

Buyers who have no money and bad credit, and are looking for a seller who will owner finance or do a rent to own (lease option). Real estate agents who wants to list your home and calling all the For-Sale-By-Owner signs. Bottom fishing investors and wannabe-millionaires who are taught that if they call enough For-Sale-By-Owner signs, they will find a seller dumb enough to sign over his house for no money down.
2) Most buyer agents skip the showing when they see a “For-Sale-By-Owner” yard sign. They assume that either the home is not in MLS, or they are afraid the buyer will cut them out and deal direct with the seller. Either way, agetns lose their commission. This explains why agents never show up after appointment was made with the seller.

3) Buyers who are ready to buy right now usually use a realtor.  They think that the seller is paying the commission anyway, and they will find the right house quicker with a Realtor with more homes to select. Looking at “For-Sale-By-Owner” houses one by one is very time-consuming.

4) Buyers who contact “For-Sale-By-Owner” houses experience these statistics: Half of them are significantly over-priced. Sone of them are either eccentric or nuts. After having bad experiences, most qualified buyers think For-Sale-By-Owner houses as a waste of time.  They go to a realtor instead.